07th July 2007

Saturday, July 7th

something new every day...
There's a contest going on. Next to the SKY booth. They built a stage-like construct and a local radio station put up a singing contest for wannabe-singers. How are you supposed to go schopping if there is a crowd of 200 ppl blocking every entrance?!
The operator fired up the masses and the girls faded away... ouch!

After having a nice time at the internet cafe - we arrived WITH laptop but WITHOUT WiFi stick - we moved our base of operations to starbucks... and a 10-year old stole Vince's coffee right in front of my nose. unbelievable... well after we had everything we moved into scouting position (remember we sit OVER the entrance).

Outside was a school class with signs "free hugs". And believe it or not, quite a few female pedestrians took that offer... we do something wrong... Then they were joined by their female class mates... woohoooo... let's go :-)

No we go to Tesco instead. Tobacco! On the way... lot of people... boa ey... only because it's warm for once not everyone should be allowed to dress that way. After Tesco we're out of money... ATM check... we have to change our PIN for the cards?! cute, you CANNOT do that on german cards. impossible, too risky. Here it works flawlessly. Finally a pin one can remember.

Finally home we might have a party - invited some people (again) - feet up. Let's see who joins us today. Oh and we can drink slower... Vicky is gone. Left the company without warning to Birmingham. Well more beer for us :-)