13th July 2007

Friday the 13th!

Yep it is... the servers crashed, those responsible for outside communication! wooohoooo
But the weather is fine, it's raining all day. At least you know what to expect, not this back and forth, rain and light rain. What's the weather in Germany by thew way?!

Not that I'm realy interested... just for fun. If it was this way across Europe... in the "old world"... hihi
@ work: Well chat and email work fine for us, wondering when the first phone calls will be routed to us.

Talking about routing... the WiFi router arrived at home and... surprisingly it works. But we don't have any network yet. Waiting for BT. So again, tomorrow, Castle Court, this time with WiFi stick!

But hey, it's weekend! And since we're downtown already, let's go find a music store. Guitar strings and so on. Maybe we find a nice girl behind the counter. And we need more beer! Can't do without!