13th July 2007

Saturday, July 14th
Alone... I´m totally alone and on my own! At 11am, Vince is still in bed and not willing to get up, so I walked my way to the station. Downtown is waiting and I need to go shopping. No girls, not what you think... I need no shoes, dresses, soap... I need a Wi-Fi PCMCIA-card for my Laptop, a new battery pack, a british AC-cord for the power supply, cigarett tubes, tobacco... all those really important things!

And all the way I had to carry the heavy laptop case on my own like a dead horse, noone here to switch with. In Castle Court Keith wasn't there, had his day off? At NO GEEKS, the internet cafe, I logged my Lappy in and started some conversation with Olli, who has got a job in Oldenburg (fine... something I never had dreamed of!) and Philly. I told him to tell June that I'm online, but he said she's kinda mad!! Ok, one of those days, again.

At the O2 store I asked the cutie "where my mobile got stucked?" I've ordered it on the July 4th and it's definately not comming from the USA. "Yeah, but we also got a holiday and so... without it it was due to be delivered today, but now it will arrive on monday... tuesday. "Can I pick it up here at the shop?" - "No, we need a proof of existence, it can only be delivered at your address." - "Ok, but we're not at home 'till 6pm!" - "That doesn't matter, they drop it off at one of your neighbours!!" OK.. that's a really good proof of existence, isn't it ;-))))

One reason to leave Germany was, to get away from all those bureaucrats and their weird way of thinking, but it seems they were quicker! They 're already here!

I've returned home at 2pm and Vince told me, that Daniele (the french workmate from Venezuela) has announced his arrival. Vince went to Tesco to get something to drink for that afternoon and I stood outside to have a coffee and a cigarette as Daniel walked round the street corner waving. I think he's in the same state as Gerritt.. some kind of lost, without orientation... somekind of "where shall I go?" After a few hours of music Vince found the movie KELLYS HEROES on SKY and we watched that one, it was new to Daniele..we've had our fun!!

As he left us for his next scheduled date, I walked him to the street corner to show him the way and I had the feeling he nearly hugged me good bye... What is it that "total strangers" feel so comfortable with us?