16th June 2007

Day 2

Yesterday you could see the whole town from our hotel window, today... where's the window?
"So that is the Irish summer..."

It's like in Vancouver: a hotel, one sleeping Vince, one diary writing Ted. Getting used to loving it ;-)
After an Irish lite breakfast (cigarette outside and a sprite) I start working on my Laptop. Despite thoughtfull German planning half of the stuff is missing. Shortcuts instead of folders... weird. Don't tell anyone that I'm an IT-Pro.
Well actually do tell them, because I have the stuff on my other harddrive...

[Interrupt by Vince: "honey where's my other harddrive? you know the one that goes so well with the red tie..." yeah right dad...]

... So what I do is *fill in a lot of highly technical talk here* and I got it back!

So, finally a real breakfast (one hour later). We head off into town, per pedes (by foot). Ehm... it's weekend, what are we gonna do in town?! Ok, Internet shop, Mobile phone, lot of stuff to do!
Problem is we didn't write down the mobile number of the two Australian guys. We told them we call back if we want to have the flat. But without internet, how to find the number on a website...
And I want to know how the surprise party went!

It's 1530h, back at the hotel.
Got my mobile phone (why can't they just call it "handy" like anyone else?!), have to recharge it. And after that much coffee... TOILET!

We first went to gem to look up the website with our future landlords' phone number (yes gem is open on saturdays). Well that room was gone, we didn't call back early enough. Damn! So we went on checking the web. We call that "LEARNING".
Half an hour later we ran of to a letting agency. Found Lidl, McD and other well remembered brands on the way. But not the agency. Instead a shitload of churches. Holy cheese and bacon community of fries and beer... or whatever. Compared to the amount of "believe" the amount of "civil war history" doesn't compute...

After walking our socks of we're back downtown. Seems like the way main station to Kroepke in Hannover. Just bigger... So off into the first O2 shop and... the girl is from California. Do they have natives here? somewhere?
We buy a "pay as you go" card (in Germany they say "prepaid") and she tells us how to find the shopping mall (internet cafe).
We also find a SKY both there. TV, internet, phone... boxed, satelite driven. Why not. Comparing is for beginners.
Heading on... oh... a Starbucks! Finally? Real Coffee? YES! And who do you meet there? 2 German girls. Maybe they don't let the natives outside before the pubs open?

Eventually we are online and fire up ICQ. Paddy is at Olli. Gerrit is online, June is at work. On Saturday. Right.
Did the whole "how are you doing" thingy and went back home to the hotel.

We called 7 (SEVEN!) landlords so far and everyone wants a long term contract. One year plus. Searching on...

My feet are burning like hell. If the bus only goes every hour... we are faster walking.
Went back to town, buying toothbrushes and stuff. Due to the new safety regulations at the airports we didn't want to struggle with all that wishy washy stuff. But since we STAY here and there's Lidl around... They even have a Zippo Lighter shop. £15 up... too much. But we got a 10way card for the metro. Rechargeable... funny.
Internet cafe closes at 6pm. But back online tomorrow at 1pm.

For now it's "feet up"!