17th June 2007

Day 3

What a night...
I have NO clue what went on on the floor outside, but half of the night was spent with running, knocking, yelling... Too much beer?
Anyway, I can feel 16 miles of walking in every bone of my body by now. half a mile in here, 2 miles over there... after 6 years of Hartz IV (German term for happily unemploeyed and underpaid by the government). But it will be even worse if this goes on. There is no bus on Sundays...

Two hours ahead of schedule (yes you can over-do it) a bench in front of the town hall invites us to rest. We agree and watch the girls passing by. They have three types. "Double-G"s: Gulli Girls ("Gulli" is a drain), if they walk over one, they are gone; skinny. Then they have cute girls... and they have fat ugly bulldozers. And I mean it that way, there is no grey, no in-between.
Oh and they have tourists. Heading right to the next best "I have f*cking expensive breakfast" shop, talking German and slander about "foreigners". Can't believe it!

We get back up on our feet and check the windows of different financial institues... seems to be a bank quarter around here... banks everywhere... even blue and yellow ones. It's way to early but Castle Court is already open, so is the internet cafe... impossible in Germany. They are way more relaxed over here.

Ok since it's not 1pm yet we head off to Starbucks. "I take a coffee tub... no tub, not mug... thanks...". And continue to classify the girls. Starbucks is located directly over the entrance of the mall with glass walls so you can watch 'em coming... top down hehe.

So Philly is online. June as well... so we spend 20 minutes with conversion-making. Vince is spending the time with checking the banks websites.
Later on - while going home - we did some food shopping. And bought a newspaper for the classifieds. Back on the road... SHIT! NO BEER!... Back to the shop, 8-pack Guinness. After a while you don't even feel your feet any more but it doesn't really help.
I want a chair!

Tomorrow it becomes serious, today it's formula 1 on Ulster TV and Guinness!