18th June 2007

Day 4, Monday

Oh happy day.....
Today was our "first day".
Actually a waste of time. The same introduction ceremony we already had on Friday, just this time with all the "new guys": from Venezuela, Turkey, France, Hungary (hi Vicky :-)), Sweden and even a local who lived in Saarbruecken for a while and should reinforce the German team.
The Master of Ceremony - George, the company entertainer - made it as entertaining as possible and even bought us lunch... Sandwiches.
All in all a nice young motivated team. Even some musicians... Ring the bell!

We had to interview each other and present our findings. George got delighted about "famous book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". From that moment on (reinforced by "famous movie: Hunt for Red October") we had our fun!

It came down to the basics we covered on Friday already so they let us go to take care about a place to live. Internet, phone... yes the company provides it. Let's do it.
Couple of calls later we had something: house, double, single, furnished, £375. The letting agent even wanted to pick us up: "Ok, 15min? ... yes? ... what? ... yes. ... see ya!". Let's do it.

We congratulated ourselves for our english capabilities... NO you DON'T learn this type of accent (or is it accident?) in school.
However... the house is tiny, 2 floors, anything you might need already there, even a SKY connection (local TV, Inet, Phone provider), just get yourself a new SKY-Box and your set to go.
We asked him to give us an hour, since we had one more offer. Not only did he not mind waiting, he also made some amendmends to the deposit, rent and whatever you can imagine. Nice guy ;-) You don't get THAT in Germany... money IS money. Another reason to NOT go back!

Since we had some time to go until the next appointment, the agent drove us to that area (again... nice!) and we had some fish'n'chips in a local shop. TASTY! (cheers Olli!)

We found the house... looked at the imaginary advantage/disadvantage checklist... turned around and called the agent back... we take it, no questions asked! We even handed his number over to our class.

The agent was as happy as a weight-wathcer in whipped cream and promised to pick us up tomorrow... after work... to get us to "our" house and hand over the keys. Well THAT was efficient.

As I said: Oh happy day..!