19th June 2007

Day 5

We have a winner... ehm... we have a house! And we moved in!

Yes I know you're curious, here we go: it's a typical Belfast house, once you get through the door, you're in the living room (3x4m). 2 drunk-couches (once you sink in you won't get back out); trip and you fall into the kitchen (anything you need is there) and behind that... the garden... 2x2m concrete. Behind that is a stadium... Use the stairs (underneath you find the vacuum cleaner) and you get into the first floor. Turn whichever way you want, you'll find one of the two bedrooms or the shower (incl toilet... the only one). Nice and tiny... £375 per month.

You have to say, the agent tore himself apart to make it possible for us. Split the deposit, lower the rent... anything that would be impossible in Germany.
Next good part: train station and shopping center (TESCO, similar to Edeka) just 5 mins walk and the trains are pretty cheap an come and go every few minutes. So we went back into town and straight to "Castle Court", the big shopping mall in Belfast. There we could get our SKY subscribtion... well like in Vancouver... credit card problems... postponed.

Oh right, we had our first training today. Teamwork; since we are getting trained to be a team ;-)
Well you may guess who the two Germans are that are taking the lead...