20th June 2007

Day 6

Howdy folks!
The daily walk to Castle Court tends to become our new ritual. Well of course we would go for an Inet Cafe around the corner but you have to check the internet to find one... see the circle?!

The SKY guys get a big grin when they see us from afar, recognized by our hats... noticeable.
We actually asked them where to get some neccessary items like toilet brush, blankets and so on... "Eh? toilett brush? stone age? we have brushes you just flush away after using"... right... We're Continentals, not stupid. Well at least we got as far as marking each other already. Things can only improve!

I told you that the train tickets also work for the bus system, right? we used that feature quite a lot today.
The train system itself is a funny story. You get in one train that roughly goes in your desired direction... then switch trains in between because this one doesn't stop at your station only the one before or 6 after... well.. funny island.

Right now, I'm having a Guinness and Vince is watching the recent news in the washing machine.
He just bought a TV card for the computer (cheaper than a new TV) with a nice cute remote (carefull, don't sneeze). USB might have been better since we are still waiting for our stuff to arrive but wasn't in stock. SKY is going to be set up on the weekend... waiting for the hardware...
By the way, SKY is not only internet and TV but also phone. Flatrate for £5 to GB, Ger, US, CA and 8 other contries.

We'll take care about the 2nd house around the end of July, shouldn't be a problem with that many "to let" signs around here.