21st June 2007

Day 7

Hui! Excitement!
We did "self study". Online test. http://mcafeeacademy.netexam.com/...
Duration 1.5 days, 25 parts, to go on to the next you need 80+% in each test. You even get a tutorial video with brilliant sound (sarcasm...). To make it easier they don't even cover all answers in the video.

Fredrik, our trainer, went off. "I'm somewhere around in the building".
Ok we watched the fiurst video and then just used the powerpoint presentations. Bored after a while we switched to answering by trial-and-error, it's multiple choice anyway. After we scored 95+% in every test (remember 1.5 DAYS... we needed 2 hours) our trainer came back saying "it's anyway just for getting used to the software"... HELLO?! "no need to succeed"... HELLO?!

Bulls Eye, relax, lean back. Well we had an average of 98%... for people who "don't have the knowledge to pass the test" it's not bad. :-p

Anyway around 1630 we finished. Castle Court. Coffee. Girls. SKY.
The guy who wanted to take care of the prepayment for BT (the reusable flush-away-brush guy) is off today. But Keith can help us. He called him and took our money. No time to be suspicious.

Now we need to get tobacco and tubes.

Explanation: it's been two years since Ted wrote this... today we KNOW that NO ONE knows what tubes are...
The system might be common in Germany but it has not reached the islands.

Tubes are what's left over when you would take the tobacco out of a cigarette. filter and wrapped around paper, ready to be filled with tobacco. for that filling process we have handy little mashines. So we buy tobacco and tubes (Ger: Huelsen) and combine those into cigarettes. Cheaper than buying the end-product.

Now we need to get tobacco and tubes.
Ehm... yes they might have seen what a tube is... somewhere... no they don't have that...
So we have to order that stuff in Germany?! Well...

Ok I tried the gas station while Vince was on the Laptop but... a lot of answeres, helpful guys, still no tubes.
But they have filters and papers... compared to our filters these look like matches... half the size!

Just a crazy area. Belfast... well it's fine since if it was different, everyone would want to go here. :-)