22nd June 2007

Day 8
It's finaly Friday!

And we got our Tubes... from TESCO, local shop chain as big as EDEKA in Germany.
The girl behind the counter is still in school and they hav a trip to Germany in the near future... "WHY?!" - "Because we have to and I've never been there." - "Well, we have and we left... guess why!" Ok, it's a difference if you go there for vacation or have to live and (not) work there.

Olli got a job offer by our company and we went stright to the recruiter to calrify a few things: "It's a friend of ours from the neighbourhood, he HAS to get out of there, any questions: ask us." Everybody was grinning...
They familiarize with us anyway. The style, the hats, the clothes... even the conductors know us by name and greet us every morning. Cars honk, girlies shout, boys look away in awe... like in Vancouver.

No we start refilling (with beer) and back to bed then. Tomorrow is discovery and scouting. This time without stress or luggage. Let's see what shop has what stuff ;-)

Oh if anyone is wondering, we "borrowed" our neighbours internet. Unsecured WiFi (UK for WLan)... never mess with IT pros.
Well the bandwith and signal are barely noticeable but better than nothing. I will put the new McAfee on my Laptop since we have to work with it anyway it's the best way of learning how to troubleshoot it. And it kills the entire spam that i get at the moment even before it get's downloaded. Sounds good, let's see if it can do the laundry as well.

Little joke before i finish, Vince is just standing in the kitchen door, holding a corn flakes box: "I knew it! Everyone here is nuts, they even put it on their cereals, I quote: Produced in a factory handling NUTS!"