26th June 2007

Day xyz...

Tuesday and no weekend in sight... looks familiar :-)
Today we had a different trainer. Netherlands. Babylon, we love it. Two German ladies in the lift. why exactly did we leave Germany?

But finally we "met" our first real work-related tool. A database system managing all customer details. We were allowed to use a test file to get used to the system. Well let's have a look... yes we found a company from Peine (our former home town). I actually worked at that company before... with Holger S. Cute.

But since just clicking around without a real case isn't all that funny and entertaining we could go home around 4pm.
Shopping... Looking over the rooftops and... what's that?! thick dark grey clouds... that's more than a car burning...
Have to check the news papers tomorrow.

We keep you informed!