27th June 2007

Wednesday, after 18:00 (local time)

Oh, what a day... Our training program is totally messed up...
tomorrow we should be joined by another group which has extensive experience in McAfee. Just in another part, the corporate sector whereas we're doing consumer here. But they can tell us how "life on the floor" really is. And that messed everything up.

Our trainers - yes trainerS - send us home for about 3-6 times... But everytime we stood up: "oh wait, one more thing".
Another hour... At the end i didn't even log back into the system. on, off, on, off, well it keeps you remembering your login details, on, off, on, off, feels like a disco light.

Finally back at home, the parcel arrived! Vince's computer included. Feels like Christmas. Ehm all the wireing is in the other parcel that arrives tomorrow :-( incl the tobacco... that's f*cking expensive over here... 40g in Germany are 5 Euros max... 50g here is about 20 Euros.

Well now I'm reading the TV program... what is on where... hoping to find something interesting... history channel, documentaries, you know.
Read you later!