28th June 2007

Thursday, I think...

Nothing new. You get used to it.
We used the lunch break to get known to the other Germans (outside... in the rain).
It's funny though. You get used to the idea of never having to speak a word in German again (since you quit the country for good) and now... you stand in the rain with Germans, talking Denglish (German-english mix). but it's funny to be surrounded by multiple languages and still being able to communicate. If it matters, everyone switches to english mode.

The corporate guy built up a resistance movement against the trainers... well try to tell experienced folks how life on the floor in theory will be... doesn't work. training is training and reality is fun. Nice to see how the trainer always has to give in or ask the states for information. Bad reality! Sit!

Today was laboratory day: here's how the customer gets his software and what he has to do... do it.
So we experimented on what can go wrong before the software even gets to your computer... nice thingy :-)
Someone should then present the procedure on the projector... no not us, not again, we leaned back. Of course nobody else wanted to. So in the end David got picked.

Back home, no parcel.
No wires.
No tobacco.
But GLS homepage says "aarived in destination country".

Wherever that is...

One of our colleagues actually got furious when we told him about our SKY subscription. "worst support on the whole f*cking island. Go to Virgin". Well since Vince will keep this house and I will get my part of the family our own flat - my own TV, phone, internet -  we'll try that then. So we can compare.

Tomorrow it's TGIF (Thanks God It's Friday) and on top of that it's pay day! First money! Not much since it's only for 5 days but anyway... a few pounds... no kilos though... plus the reimbursement for flights and taxis... should work.