29th June 2007

Friday, June 29th

Boa ey! What a day... never had so much fun opening a bank account.
HSBC - Hong Kong / Shanghai Bank, have to remember that one.
The girl (tiny, blonde, happy face) is a former gem colleague. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE...

Everytime I answer one of her questions we have to interrupt the session because of her laughter.
But let's start at the beginning:

Today is pay day!
And since we don't have a bank account yet, we got a cheque for the first money. During lunch we carried that one to the next best bank and... the fun started. You get the money in exchange for the cheque through a trap door (30x30cm) in a wall in a plastic bag. looks like some drug dealing exchange. "Anything else I can do for you?" - yep... bank account please.
Ok, here's a waiting list, put yourself in. We did. But it's not for next week, it's for right now... just later... maybe...
So we sat down in one of the nice sofas. I got the blonde, Vince her colleague (male, haha :-p). After the first few polite "howdys" the ice was broken and we got right down to business. Which entertained the whole building. Stereo, Vince from the other side. Well the guys were happy about their "happy friday".

The banks even do health insurance and all that stuff. Practical. They even insantly offered us a credit card and overdraft.
Ehm... cool we take all of it! Took about 45 minutes to get everything done. Vince texted our trainer that we need a little longer (just in case), since he always gets frustrated about punctuality. And of course he was delighted about us informing him and said "no problemo".

Waited for "Feierabend" (the moment you throw everything away and finally rush out of the building, end of your workday) and went home. The parcel is there... at our neighbours house. He actually didn't seem to have moved since the day before yesterday and I already wanted to try to poke him a little... grannies... well they were actually delighted to do us this favour.

Weekend-shopping duty... incl WiFi card for Vince's PC. But you don't get a 220V plug around here.
We do that tomorrow in the city as well as a mobile contract and checking Virgin for prices for my house later on.
For now we stick to our Guiness while our beloved once celebrate at "Hammerparty" at home...

P R O S T !