Holidays in Munich (1)

Marriott Munich


10th September

It`s like the old times in Vancouver: I`m sitting in the early morning hours typing the diary ;-)
But what a difference: was it a hostel in Vancouver a couple of years ago so is it now the Marriott in Munich... what a difference.

Let's start in Cork: 5 o'clock in the morning - the alarm went off. The first cigarette outside of the house was in total darkness.

Our flight is scheduled for 11.30 am but since we have only one car and the others need to go to work on time, they have to drop us at the airport at 07:00 am.

First we checked the lobby, then sat down at the arrival desk and started to read our books.

But, as usual, after a few pages I got restless... started strolling around. Looked here... there and was bored again. There is no way to see starting or landing airplanes from the entrance area. So we tried to get rid of our bag and looked for some breakfast.

At Subways we had a nice talk with the ladies and fought with our sandwiches. At 9.30 am we finally checked in and had to wait again. But now from the departing area we had a clear view of the parking planes. Ryan, AerArann and Fly2 came in, unloaded and started preparing for the new destination.

All but Ryan took off in time. At a closer look at the B737 I spotted a technician sitting in the right engine intake stretching out his arms through the fan blades and removing what looked like feathers to us... what a mess. With 1 hour delay that flight was able to take off also.

Our bird, an Airbus 320, came in, got unloaded and our flight was called. OK... standard procedure: check passport, boarding pass, walk to the plane and ... wait again! How is it that people have problems finding their seats and got their hand luggage stored?

But in time we got pushed back and here we go!

Luckily we had clear weather from start until reaching the French coast. There we got the same cloud band which poured down on Cork the day before. Since it lost all the rain already there were just normal clouds.

Arrival in Munich was 15 min. ahead of schedule, customs, luggage... standard procedures.

Now to the next challenge:  how to get to Munich and to the Marriott. Since Taxi and shuttle service is for ordinary people and since we knew the city (30 years ago) we took the hard core way: public transportation. Question 1: which line (S-Bahn) to take, which fair to choose... I have no idea!

One of the locals gave us a hand and offered us his ticket valid for 24 hours and two people. What we didn't realized was that it didn't cover the whole distance from the airport to Munich but only the for the inner city zones. We gave him the money and hopped on the next train. Lucky for us - there was nobody controlling our ticket.

We finally made our way to the hotel, checked in at 16:00 and left again for the city center. What a crowed of people! Some locals and 80% tourists gathering at the Marienplatz to listen to the Glockenspiel!

We managed to pass through to find the Canadian Consulate, checked the name plate with the opening hours and went back to the nearest pub, were we sat down outside and had our first cool Weissbier. Outside temperature was 24 degrees - much too warm for us! We checked the menu and had something to eat after nearly a day: typical bavarian food!

Then we decided to find another beergarden and wanted to look for the Courtyard.

We finally found the hotel, but no free space in another beergarden, so we decided to go back to were we started from: the Weisses Brauhaus, were we had a few other beers. At 21:00 we went back to the hotel to get some sleep, but no way. In our room someone left a special welcome for us: a plate with one beer, some local sausages, sausage salad, smoked ham, special cheese and a brezel. "That's totally unfair! We tried to leave Germany, got rid of unemployment, bureaucracy... looked for a new life, and now a warm welcome like this!