Holidays in Munich (2)

11th September

Wake up! Time for the consulate!

Without breakfast we were on our way to get some immigration information. The lady in the consulate was very nice, but wasn't able to help us because she wasn't trained in these regulations... We have to get in contact with Berlin.

So after 10 min. we left her and headed for the Viktualien Markt with a short stop at a Coffee shop to have a cup of coffee.

Next stop was REWE were we bought some stuff you will never be able to buy in Ireland: smoked ham, Dumplings...  As we finally arrived at the Viktualien Markt we had our breakfast: a Leberkaes Semmel!

Back at the Marriott I've asked the Receptionist if the Lady, who made my booking, was working today and if it's possible to meet her. She came out of her office accompanied by the bookings Manager, Georgina. We've been greeted warmly and after the introduction we were let to the bookings office where we met the rest of the staff! I mentioned our Hotel Database and the information we would need to sell the rooms. Georgina was floored as I showed her the screenshots from PURE of the MUCNO; now she understood my questions!

Then we had the guided tour through the hotel and were able to see different room types. The leisure facilities are really worth a try! We've been told that the Munich Marriott is a sponsor for the local football club "1860 Munich". Whenever there is a play on TV they try to get one of the players who is injured or not playing into the Champions Bar for signing autographs and giving live comments to the games!

Next: smoke break and a coffee with a shot of Obstler!

Back in our room, the phone rang: Gitta Brueckmann, now the Manager for all the Munich Marriotts! We met last year on her trip to Cork presenting the Munich Marriotts. June & I saw her 5 min. later in the lobby and went out for a chat and a cigarette. "Every thing that you need... just let me know!" She was really delighted to see us again and was floored and sad when she heard that we will leave for Canada. She said that our family is special within the Marriott family and will not be forgotten in Germany. I asked her abaout that welcome-dinner and she said it was her idea. I told her that was unfair and thye reason why and she... smiled. She had to go to Wiesbaden the next day and therefore she wasn`t able to join us on our trip to Andechs; sad but... job is job!