Holidays in Munich (3)

12th September

Now to the real "hardcore part": Andechs, the monastery!

To give you an idea what I was facing: we lived here almost 30 years ago and I made a vow / promise to Our Lady Maria: if you can manage that June and I get married... you`ll get a candle from a guy, who doesn`t believe in all what`s been said by the guys in black! To get me right: I have nothing `bout religion, but the "Ground Crew" is my Stepping Stone... to much weird actions in the past centuries in their name... count me out!

But since this got nothing to do with my promise, we`ve been on our way `bout 9am... Main Station... change lines... S-Bahn.... Herrsching / Ammersee... and now: march on (no Taxi, of course not!)

The problem is to tell some of your muscles, which haven`t been used in decades, to act like they did a couple of decades ago. It`s a long, long way, constantly uphill through the forest, passing old trees, falling trees, city people – young girls chattering about the pro & contra `bout the new iPod-Player, old girls complaining `bout their latest “lifting session”.. Holy cow.. where am I ? Only solution: pick up speed and leave the “modern world” behind, the muscles will / have to do it.

Every torture has an end and finally we`re at the monastery, the Sunday service has just ended and all the believers kind of poped out of the chapel gate and most of them were heading for the beer garden – it`s a hard job to confess all your sins.

Finally inside the chapel we still faced a crowd of listeners to a story about relics, what a surprise! Ok, we`ve left again and checked the place for a shop to buy the candle and went back… still in progress, the relics-lesson.

Since I do not need a church to talk to my maker and we`re not allowed to lit the candle anyway… we dropt it in a box, to be lit by a “professional” (typically German!) and left to got almost run over outside by a red Ferrari. “What the f*** ?” A Lady in white.. a bride, crawled out of the red monster and the groom, the driver stood next to her and watched her struggle with the car, the dress, the crowd of relatives, friends.. ;-) a real gentlemen ! Let`s get outta here and check the local & famous beergarden for some Leberkaes `n` Beer.

The way back – downhill – was much easier than the one before and we arrived at the station in 50% of the time used for uphill and the first bench was ours! Ouch.. my legs, feet, back… long time not used. But the reason for the torture was worth the pain, really! Back in Munich City Center we headed for the Weisses Brauhaus, Schneider Weisse and something to eat, real Bavarian, local food: Dumpling, brown sauce and a “Pigs Leg” with crunchy skin…  Even the fellow with the red cap once was a guest at that location ;-) before he had to move to Rome.

Got a text message:  Paddy has arrived at Dublin Airport, now waiting for his flight to Germany (3 weeks with his old friends after his first flight has been cancelled by RyanAir due to “tech. problems”).  Fingers crossed it works this time.

At 21:30 Paddy send a text: arrived in Luebeck, now waiting for Gerritt who has some detours because of constructions on the Autobahn.