Holidays in Munich (4)

13th September

Time to say Good Bye to MUCNO, we have to move to MUCFR (Freising) for the last two nights in Bavaria / Germany in our lifetime (according to the plan / prophecy). It`s some sort of strange to know you will “never see this place and the people again”. But at least, if I have to call because some unanswered questions, wrong data in PURE, special needs of a guest… I know the face behind that voice on the phone; makes a lot of things much easier.

By the way: the guy with the red cap used to live in Freising before he became The Pope and had to move to Rome.

A sign at the main entrance warns you: Attention – happy guests ahead! It`s totally different to MUCNO; more relaxed, not that crowd of guests in the lobby. In fact, we`re the only one and so it`s much easier with the undivided attention of the female receptionist. After presenting the paperwork – FamTrip, not Associate Rate, and getting our key we took the lift to the top floor and entered our EXEC-Room. Now I know the difference between GENR & EXEC: for the eye… none! But if one has a laptop, wired or cable, there`s the difference… the “Business Connection”.

Ok, test the TV, in one hour is F1 – Monza… works as well. So now, “what`s for lunch?” On the way in we spotted the Beergarden, a typical Bavarian specialty. We found the waitress and asked for some Weisswurst and Beer and “.. of course, inside or in the Garden?” – “Outside, of course. The sun is shining like never seen in years in Ireland and so… no question.”

After finishing the Wurst & beer we had some minutes with the waitress. Business was slow, we`re the only guests and so we talked about the job, the guests, simply business talk.

It`s Monday now and after our breakfast we went to town for some shopping; there are some items you don`t get in Cork and so we strolled through the alleys and side streets of Freising for a REWE Market. “What about the custom, can we import sausages to Ireland?” No clue, we google it!

After finishing the parcel with all the goods, not enough space in the suitcase, we went for a coffee and met with Mr. Ertl, the Event Manager. He gave us our “guided tour” through the hotel. He was surprised by our knowledge of the needs and wishes of the guests; “hey, we`re supposed to sell these rooms in Cork!”

Unfortunately no PC in that hotel has an open USB-Port and so I presented the data base at one PC in the Business Center… and every 5 minutes this PC shuts down… Microsoft!!! But I had time to describe / show the flaws in PURE and he agreed to send us the “real, live data a.s.a.p.”.

Now the sad part: our last night / hours in Bavaria / Germany. We had a couple of Weihenstephaner Weissbier and some typically Bavarian snacks – absolutely phantastic! We asked to deliver our compliments to the chef and the waiter and the colleagues were very pleased.

We also had a small talk with one of the receptionists; she`d like to visit Ireland. “Ok, we have Dublin, Galway… just pick your destination and give us a call, shouldn`t be that difficult to book the Employee Rate for you.” Hearing that her colleagues got interested and we gave a short lesson in how to check & book ;-)