Moving on...

It's been a while since the last update, that`s for sure. But since the life is a little bit on the stressy side... there`s not time for updates.

Ok, here we go:
we`ve bought an used Isuzu Trooper, `cause we definately need a 7-seater. The funny thing is, that in Ireland you have two technical departments (COE and CRT), one is for "Commercials" (for goods / loads, frontseats only) and "normal" cars. The tax is different, the tech. check also. and now ask me `bout the difference, where to go to apply for the tax and so..?

From time to toime we have visitors: the hotels; their staff presenting the product and the differences, "why should I sell this one?"
This week the heads of "Europeen Marketing" (continental Europe) were in Cork and the most important people came from.. MUNICH ! Ja mei, war des a Freid !!
Vince impressed with his Emprovement plan and we`re waiting now for the results.
There is a not-used-intranet... that shall be my job to care for... we`ll see.