Curriculum Vitae - Vincent Heubach

4 Copper Valley Vue : Riverstown / Glanmire, Co. Cork

+353 85 27 22 940 :


· Speak, read and write German fluently

· Speak, read and write English fluently

· I like team work and variety in my work

· I'm eager to learn and like to solve problems


High School, Peine, Germany - Academic curriculum – diploma


Further education college, Peine, Germany - certificate "EDV-Anwenderpass Wirtschaft und Verwaltung" - certifies basic and further skills in MS Word, Excel, Access and office organization techniques.

08/02 - 07/05

IT-Systemkaufmann (management assistant in IT-systems / IT-Clerk), Kiel, Germany;

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) - except final exam, Kiel, Germany


Work experience

More than 5 years

Management experience

About 1 year

Current job title

Customer Care and Sales Representative, Marriott Global Reservations

96 - 97

Gillmeister, Peine, Germany - office organization and MS Office templates design (form letters etc.).

97 - 98

Further education college, Peine, Germany - assistant for a further education college teacher (computers in general, MS products, internet).

97 - 98

Hairstylist, Edemissen, Germany - development of an employee and salary coordination software based on MS Excel.

04/99 - 03/01

German Navy, Olpenitz - aside normal duty I was responsible for the internet homepage of the 1st Mine Hunter Squadron and developed a tool for sea vessels without AA-radar (which have to be guided by bigger ships) to keep track of incoming air raids (movement of all ships, subs and aircrafts relative to guide ship and/or own vessel, speed, direction, estimated movements, ETA, help screen for own AA-guns tracking etc.) in Turbo Pascal.

09/05 - 06/07

Fedderke Stempel: employee for network, IT and programming. Development of a web based all-in-one business software. Responsible for new technologies and modernization.

06/07 - 09/07

gem... ( Tier I Service Contract Centre agent for McAfee's consumer products (customer service and technical support); phone, chat, email. Languages: Swiss, Austrian, German.
During this time: Development of a template storage tool for easier routine handling.

10/07 - 06/08

gem...: CES (Customer Experience Specialist = Quality Assessment). Quality assessment on voice and non-voice interactions between corporate / consumer customers and Tier I and II service agents for Cisco, McAfee, Timelife and Ping-0 (Hellgate: London). Including coaching, training, business reports creation and presentation. Languages: Swiss, Austrian, German, UK/US English. Focus on quality assurance - coaching, improving and developing agents' skills.

06/08 - now

Marriott Global Reservation Sales and Customer Care: Tier I inbound sales agent for the global reservations department of Marriott. Phone, languages: Swiss, Austrian, German, UK/US English.

Extra duties aside the normal position include giving floor wide training on a variety of (web based) tools, various management tasks and On-The-Job-Trainer for new hires as a support position for the training department. I also applied for the Classroom Assistant.

Additionally I was responsible for the development and implementation – including training – of a work-easing tool that replaces the daily activity logs with a paperless and more comfortable version. This tool also allows managers to show a variety of real-time reports.

Following the “let’s improve this” mind set I created a handout in a how-to fashion for hotels to update their databases with vital information for us agents. This is under further development to become a whole new database.

The latest project is the Marriott Cork intranet site Reveal.

Rewards & Acknowledgement


Gemmy & gem eXtra award for customer focus and passion. Some quotes here:

· Good Feedback from customers (AGS top scores)

· Consistently meets and exceeds all targets set

· Excellent product knowledge

· Professionalism

· Goes the Extra Mile

· Recognizes achievements, shows encouragement

· Looks for ways to improve, shares ideas

· Proactive

· "Since starting in his CES role, Vincent has shown commitment and great focus in achieving his targets and helping his agents to achieve theirs. He has been very keen to find ideas to improve the business by creating tools to ease the work of everybody."

Hobbies and Interests

Pen & Paper Role-Play

I like the way of "leaving" this world, its problems and rules and go down to the times of magic and medieval to solve other problems and live to different rules like Dungeons & Dragons provides them.

Making music

A fine tuned guitar, some pals, a campfire, good stories and loud singing... that's life!

Internet Web design

Actual projects can be found on (all by myself) and (using and redesigning an open cms) i.e.

Finding information

It's not "what you know" anymore, it's "how and where do you find what you need".

MMORPGs, real time strategy games

I play(ed) games like Command & Conquer (any part), Hellgate: London, Mythos, Call of Duty (any part), Last Chaos, Warhammer, Guild Wars, Silent Hunter and many more. They help you “think different”.

Improvement in any way

Improving the style we design reports, improving the way the layout of our office has an effect on motivation; just put me into any situation and you won't have to wait for long before I suggest/develop/design improvements.


Up on request